Dehydrated Vegetables


Dehydrated Vegetables are used conveniently where flavour and nutritive values are of paramount importance. They are economical, have a longer shelf life and concentrates of taste & flavour, ensuring round the year supply.

Our proactive, strict monitoring of raw material quality & procurement process ensures control on foreign body, hair and metal contaminations at the incoming stage. Further, our firm compliance to HACCP and GMP on the processing line, enables us to overcome the challenges normally associated with dehydrated products. Numerous sieves, magnets and finally metal detector at critical process steps help us to eliminate these foreign bodies.

The products undergo testing at all levels starting from organoleptic, chemical-physical to microbiology in the in-house and external laboratory as per regulatory and customer specifications.


Dehydrated Vegetables & Fruits

Product Name
Crushed / Milled
Roasted / Toasted
Steam sterilised
ETO Treated
Dehydated Onion (Red, White) flakes
Dehydrated Garlic flakes
Dehydrated Lemon
Dehydrated Tomato
Dehydrated Cabbage
Dehydrated Carrot
Dehydrated French beans
Dehydrated Spinach
Dehydrated Spring onion